Rob Ferrel

  • Nickname:Rob the Original
  • Title:Master Barber
  • Hair Specialty:Hair designs and portraits. Magic with clippers!
  • Favorite Quote:Who needs a canvas when you have a head?
  • Favorite Clipper:BaBylissPRO Volare X2
  • Why:The cut is much faster and smoother than any other clipper Iíve used before.
  • Home-Town:San Antonio, TX
  • Barber Shop/Salon Info:Rob the Original Barber Shop - San Antonio, TX
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Rob has always aspired to be an artist, never imagining himself a barber, but when he combined barbering with art, his passion was born.†With a background in drawing, and well developed professional barber skills, Rob the Original has changed the way we look at haircuts. He has pioneered a new way of thinking about what a barber does.†From simple fades to complex designs and hair portraits, the boundaries of normal barbers do not apply to Rob.
Rob Ferrel